Simplify your workforce management

The Flexy cloud-based workforce management platform helps you find and onboard top talent, manage temporary staff rostering and scheduling and provides quick and compliant payroll. This easy-to-use, flexible platform streamlines all, or part, of your workforce management process to suit your business.

Flexy worker app
Seamlessly scale your workforce

Take the friction out of the temporary recruitment process and book great people for your jobs in less time and with less hassle. Our Recruit platform does things a little differently to attract talent to Flexy’s temporary worker app which enables you to hire and communicate directly with candidates 24/7. You don’t have to worry about admin and compliance either, we take care of that.

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Payroll from anywhere in the world
Payroll from anywhere

Expand your temporary workforce, reduce business risk and deliver exceptional candidate experiences with Flexy. Take the hassle out of hiring and managing payroll for talent no matter where in the world you're based. We look after all the admin from Award interpretation to contracts, insurances, superannuation, tax and more through our quick, easy and compliant Payroll service.

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It's easy to recruit for jobs in Flexy
Simple from start to finish

Manage all your workforce processes via a single cloud-based platform - Flexy. Recruit, onboard, roster and payroll your temporary workforce with the confidence that all processes, including Award interpretation, will be compliant.

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Roster and schedule with ease
Maximise your workforce

Why waste time rostering and scheduling when you can build talent pools of new, existing and silver-medallist temporary workers? They can self-select shifts that suit them. Tapping into your existing workforce helps keep cost down. It’s also quick and easy to fill gaps in your roster with new workers sourced, onboarded and set up for payroll through one cloud-based platform, Flexy.

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The Flexy team was amazing! Easy to work with, responsive and always helpful.

Tiana L, Flexy worker

Excellent team and service, Flexy helped me find employment and was extremely professional in doing so. I highly advocate Flexy!

James P, Flexy worker

With Flexy, everything is easy and smooth with good customer service.

Mel L, Flexy worker

I enjoy providing a good service and appreciate when I experience exceptional service, which the Flexy team provided every time I asked. I enjoyed the job placement.

John Y, Flexy worker

A team that works with many businesses and is very supportive in providing timely access to job vacancies.

Jesse G, Flexy worker

Easy, simple engagement and supportive team.

George L, Flexy worker