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The world of work is changing, and you will benefit from an approach to workforce management that changes with it. That’s Flexy – a data-driven workforce management platform that uses smart technology to simplify temporary recruitment and payroll, so you can get more people booked for your jobs in less time and with less hassle.

Designed and built by a team of psychologists, recruitment experts, and digital architects, Flexy embraces advanced automation and nudge theory to make it easier for people to find short-term work, and for companies to hire workers, without risk or fuss.

For companies

Our simple, seamless technology that manages all workforce processes via a single platform; or allows you to tap into only the part you need to recruit, roster or payroll workers. Flexy is so simple, getting started is as easy as logging in, there’s no lengthy implementation or training necessary.

For workers

Just as easy for workers, with everything managed through the Flexy app. From job searching and one-click applications; to shift selection, reminders, timesheets and tracking pay, workers can do it all in the Flexy app. All with the security of quick and accurate payment from Flexy. Download the Flexy app to get started.

Rethink your approach to recruitment with Flexy.


Join our team

Join our team

When you join Flexy, you become part of our global community. We offer a space to create, innovate, connect and collaborate with your team and all 2,500 Impellam people. We are committed to engaging, developing and empowering every member of the Flexy family through their career journey. Find out why you should join the team.

Join our team

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Flexy is part of the Impellam Group, the second-largest staffing business in the UK and sixth-largest MSP worldwide. Impellam Group’s vision is to be the world’s most trusted staffing company – trusted by our people, our customers, and our investors in equal measure. Providing managed services and specialist staffing solutions across the UK, North America, Asia Pacific, Australasia, and mainland Europe.

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