Refresh the way you recruit temporary staff

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Tap into new talent

Expand access to local talent and improve workforce engagement with technology and techniques developed by psychologists, recruitment experts, and digital architects. Our platform uses data, automation and nudge theory to increase worker-to-job engagement and improve reliability.

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Recruit temporary staff with a new approach

The world of work is changing and our technology-driven approach to temporary recruitment helps you change with it. Find great short-term, casual workers in less time and with less hassle through our Recruit platform.


Simplified 24/7 hiring

Real-time access to targeted workers empowers you to connect and hire 24/7. In fact, you don’t even need to click a button to hire someone. Using our auto-fill mode, any of our vetted workers who apply are booked for the job on a first come, first served basis. Using our streamlined version of the more traditional approach, in the platform you'll access a shortlist of applicant profiles who are best suited to your job requirements.

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Target new talent pools

Win by expanding your reach beyond traditional channels and connect with qualified temporary workers without the need for job boards or email systems. Flexy targets the most popular social media channels, linking in with workers where they choose to spend time.

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No risk, all reward

No need to worry about all the admin and compliance that comes with employing temporary workers, we take care of that for you. We look after right to work checks, pre-employment compliance, employment contracts, insurances and Award interpretation. You don’t pay us a cent unless and until you hire someone through Flexy.

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Simplify payment processes

No need to chase timesheets or check employee bank details again. We look after payroll and timesheets to take the hassle out of the process, ensuring your workers get paid accurately and on time every week, while you receive a single consolidated invoice.

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Book a discovery call with our workforce experts and discover how easy it is to seamlessly recruit, roster and payroll all on our single platform. 

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