Four tips for the day of your job interview

Today’s the day? Read on for top tips to help you prepare for your job interview, from a recruiter with years of experience on the other side of the table!

Find ways to connect

Be yourself and try to connect on a personal level - companies and managers are now focusing more on whether the candidate will fit into their team. So if you love to laugh then promote that, it may help you connect on a personal level with the manager and might just be the advantage you have over the rest of the candidates.

Depending on the location; try to pick up on other things you may be able to connect with – sports team memorabilia, hobbies, certain books they are reading etc; this would not just give you a great icebreaker but also something to connect with!

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Dress for confidence

Over-dressed is always better then underdressed. 

Tie? Heels? The manager probably won't even notice - but they definitely will if you're not dressed for the part - first impressions are ALWAYS key.

And for crying out loud, if it’s a video call – make sure the bottom matches the top – you never know!

Need more time?

We’ve all had tough questions thrown at us during the interview. Need more time to articulate the perfect response?

Here's a tip I can recommend - take a sip of water as the question is ending to buy yourself a few more seconds to think. 

The little things matter
Little interactions make up the total experience. So be careful to be on time! 15 minutes is a stretch, but ideally get to where you need to be around 10 or so minutes before your interview.

Greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. Be confident, everything is going to be ok!

Just remember, even if you're not successful, well you've got some great practice for your next interview!

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